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Why Optimize for Instagram?

But why does one need Instagram optimization within the first place? Why is Instagram so important that you simply should dedicate some time to getting found on the platform? Here are some stats to answer your questions:

  • Instagram has about 1 billion active users – 1 billion users you’ll potentially reach with the proper Instagram SEO tactics.
  • Two-thirds of the entire Instagram user base are 34 years or younger. this is often crucial with the increasing buying power of this age bracket . A Pulse analysis even found that the buying power of millennials and Gen-Z combined was on the brink of the $3 trillion mark.
  • People spend approximately 53 minutes per day on Instagram. This accounts for a big portion of their day, which increases your chances of engaging prospects on the platform.
  • 83% of individuals are using Instagram to get new products or services. this suggests your brand content on Instagram could effectively assist you attract prospective customers.

Instagram SEO Benefits for Businesses

This is great news for your business if you’re using Instagram to urge the word out about your brand. Here are just a couple of reasons you ought to be glad for the feature:

  • A wider and larger audience goes to be ready to find your content, just by searching.
  • Potential customers, who are actively trying to find what you promote, are getting to be ready to find you quicker .

 Your Instagram profile.

The first step you ought to take toward increasing your Instagram reach is optimizing your Instagram profile. Driving traffic to your Instagram account won’t benefit you within the long-run if your profile isn’t optimized for the simplest user experience.

Here are a couple of tricks for optimizing your Instagram profile:

  • Make your profile public
  • Choose a colorful , on-brand profile image
  • Create a recognizable and searchable @Username
  • Create an easily searchable business name
  • Register for an Instagram Business account
  • Include a trackable link in your bio

These steps might sound sort of a no-brainer, but it is vital to get the groundwork before you create the other SEO changes. Once you’ve covered those basics, you’ll move onto the more technical optimization steps.

Optimize your individual posts 

Is optimizing each individual post as important as optimizing your username and bio? No, probably not. But let’s recall the first example we wont to illustrate Instagram SEO in action. Had the one that posted this picture not used the caption to focus on “gardening ideas,” we may haven’t encounter their profile, their website, or their products. That’s an enormous deal! And considering the miniscule effort required to optimize your captions, there’s no reason to not roll in the hay .

Research Relevant, Quality Hashtags

Hashtags expose your Instagram account to a audience . If your hashtags are relevant and qualitative, you’re more likely to market your brand to those with shared interests and goals. While you’re brainstorming for the simplest hashtag, research to ascertain if the hashtag is currently getting used . is that the content related to the hashtag appropriate and does one want your brand related to it? Try using tagboard to review hashtags before you post them.

Create Your Own Alternative Text

Instagram alt text may be a new-is feature that permits you to write down custom alternative text so you’ll add a richer description of your photos.

And while the feature was mainly designed for Instagram users who have visual impairments, it also can be used for SEO Experts .

At the instant , Instagram creates automatic alternative text so you’ll hear descriptions of photos through your screen reader.

The feature uses visual perception technology to get an outline of photos for screen readers so you’ll hear an inventory of things that photos may contain as you browse the app.