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When you’re new to the SEO field, things can be a little daunting for a start. You probably rely on Google a lot to get answers for random questions, can’t be sure of where to get a guide for beginners and where to look after that. I’ve tried my best to compile a list of blogs, that I personally find useful, to help you get on your feet in terms of SEO knowledge. If you’re not a total greenhorn, worry not, this is a categorized list of SEO blogs based on their specialties such as general knowledge base, local SEO etc. So feel free to scroll down to your preferred category to check out which blogs to follow.

SEO Optimized Blog Title

  1. Write The Post. Don’t get stuck on writing a good headline without even writing the content of your post.
  2. Pick Strong Keywords. What is your blog post about?
  3. Keyword Research.
  4. Write Multiple Headlines.
  5. Change Your Permalink.

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