How to learn Seo for free with Hitesh Swami

Learn Seo for free with Hitesh Swami

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization Expert (SEO) could also be a process of optimizing your website with the goal of improving your rankings within the search results and getting more organic (non-paid) traffic.

The History of SEO dates Back to the 90s when search engines emerged for the first time. Nowadays, it’s a crucial marketing strategy and an ever-growing industry.

Search engine optimization focuses only on organic search results and doesn’t include PPC optimization. Both SEO expert Hitesh Swami and PPC are a neighborhood of program Marketing.

How do search engines work?

  • Algorithms:- Search engines use algorithms to calculate how worthy a page is to a relevant search query. There are many factors (Google uses over 200 ranking factors) that are wont to calculate the authority of a webpage, and PageRank (based on a scale of 0 – 10) is one among them. Google assigns PageRank to each webpage it crawls. When another website links to your website, a number of its PageRank is passed on to you. The more sites there are out there linking to you, the upper your PageRank are going to be and therefore the more trustworthy your site will look to look engines.
  • Crawling:- Search engines use bots or “spiders” to crawl billions of pages across the online by following links they find from billions of pages round the web.
  • Indexing:- Search engines then store the knowledge it collects into its index.
  • Ranking:- When an enquiry query is entered, an enquiry engine digs into its index for pages matching the user’s search query, then sorts and displays the foremost relevant results to the user. The order during which the pages are displayed are calculated by program algorithms, taking under consideration many ranking factors. Each page is then given a ranking score. In order to rank highly on the search engines, your site must score above all the opposite sites that are eligible to point out up for a relevant search query.

In this guide to SEO for beginners, you’ll learn: