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Any business in India that supplies goods or services with turnover exceeding Rs. 20 lakhs (Rs. 10 lakhs for North Eastern and hill states) has got to get registered under GST.


Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the GST Bill within the both parliament sessions so all the indirect taxes which is imposed by the state or central government has been replaced with GST (Goods and repair Tax) by July 2017. So from now its is mandatory requirements to convert the prevailing VAT/CST State wise Service Tax or Excise assesses to the new reform tax GST Registration. even all the new entrepreneurs . whose cross turnover of 20 Lakh Rupees except the north eastern state where the limit is 10 lakhs.


GST registration may be a complete online procedure which is completed by applying on GSTN website directly. All supporting documents are uploaded on the GSTn directly and once, they’re fine, registration is granted. allow us to know it in three steps:

Arrange documents: the primary step is to rearrange all documents which are required for GST registration. Further, since GST may be a completely new tax, one should get the documents checked by knowledgeable to avoid the rejection from the department.


File application: After arranging all the documents, one should file the documents along side online application on the GSTN website. confirm all the documents uploaded are off appropriate size otherwise you’ll face uploading problem.

GST registration: If the govt officer finds all the documents in sit , then they shall issue the GST registration certificate in India. It generally takes 3 to five days for GST registration.

GST Returns:

GST Act mandates every registered entity to furnish details of its sales and purchases including tax paid and picked up thereon by filing GST returns Taxpayers must provide correct information to department because the system is meant in order that all transactions are in synchronized with one another and no transaction is left unnoticed between buyers and sellers. GST team folks allow you to specialise in your business, by filing your tax returns in compliance with GST regime.

How can we help you? – Why Leeoweb?

Some of the sole reasons to settle on us are:Easy to urge GST registration and GST number online.No hassle compliance as we completely take hold of them. all of your returns are becoming to be filed duly
Our legal representatives are available to elucidate the entire process and clear any queries you’ll have .

Although the GST portal features a user-friendly interface, the GST Forms have many complex fields. Hence, it’s highly recommended that you simply simply simply seek the assistance of knowledgeable for submitting the appliance , the specified procedures, filing your returns and completing other formalities within the portal.

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