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All businesses and corporations running in India must have Registration under GST or should take New GST Registration, if they’re eligible and exist to pay goods and repair tax that’s “GST”. In short, the GST (Goods & service tax) has taken an area if all the indirect taxes. Popular name as a VAT levied on all goods & services sold, import & export for domestic consumption. It’s imposed on all the stages right from the stage of producing to the ultimate consumption with credit of tax paid at earlier stages. It came into existence on 1 July 2017 become tax which incorporates the previous different taxes sort of a VAT .


There’s a regulatory body called the GST council which sets tax rates, rules, and regulations for goods & services taxes. The members are the minister of finance of central and every one the state. The GST registration process is straightforward to register. GST/ online GST registration is all-in-one tax that has subsumed the State(VAT, Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi) and central taxes (CST, Service Tax, Excise Duty).

GST Related Services

There are often variety of GST related services which will come up. We, being a reliable GST Consultant in Ludhiana, confirm to be in each and each step with you during this system. Whether it’s about solving any litigation which will have arisen thanks to the transition suddenly to GST or it’s about the other query, our experts are always there to supply you the utmost assistance.

LeeoWeb , we aim at offering you all the possible taxation and other account related services that are needed for your company. albeit you’re trying to find the right GST Registration in Ludhiana , we are the one to be contacted. Hence, we form to be a accountant consultant, offering you the utmost services required for your firm.

Our special offerings as a GST Services:

  • Our expert team will handle the notices and intimations from GST Department and ensure their timely reply,
  • GST Cases Preparation & GST Assessments assistance including an appearance before the authorities to make sure that there’s no heavy penalty for any non-compliance.
  • We will communicate with the vendors for alteration in GST return to make sure the free flow of input decrease ,
  • We will also send the due reminders for GST due dates to avoid any penalty or financial implications,
  • We will also help in revising the seller management process to stay it aligning with the GST provisions.
  • We offer quality & Technology based GST reconciliation processes to avoid any non-compliance & notices within the future.
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