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Digital Signature Certificate

An electronic signature is named a digital signature which will be wont to sign electronic documents. just like the handwritten signature, which validates physical documents, electronic documents are often validated by signing them employing a digital signature. Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) may be a digital equivalent of physical or paper certificates. Few physical examples are driver’s licenses, passports, etc. Certificates act as evidence of a person’s identity for a selected purpose; for instance , a driver’s licence recognizes someone who can drive legally within a rustic . Similarly, a digital certificate could also be electronically showed confirm one’s identity, to access information or resources on the web or digitally sign other documents. A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) includes user name information, pin code, country, email address, certificate issuance date, and therefore the certifying authority’s name.

What is Digital Signature Class 3?

Class 3 digital signatures are issued to individuals also on organizations. These class 3 digital signatures have the very best level of security or assurance for executing transactions online, within the RCAI hierarchy, found out by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) in India. These certificates are to be presented only to individuals who make a physical appearance before certifying authorities. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is that the updated version of the category 2 Digital Signature Certificate. you’ll participate in or offer any quite on-line tender/auction throughout India, using this certificate. it’s mainly utilized in online trading platforms and e-commerce portals, where large sums of cash and highly tip is involved.

The Class 3 certificates are primarily used for performing the subsequent functions –

  • E-tendering
  • Patent and trademark e-filing
  • MCA e-filing
  • Customs e-filing
  • E-procurement
  • E-bidding
  • E-auction, etc

Types of class 3 digital signature and their uses:

• Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate are often obtained on behalf of an organization or a corporation by a private user or a licensed Official.

• The Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate has two categories;

Class 3 individual Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or Class 3A DSC

• Class 3 Organization Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or Class 3B DSC

• According to the knowledge Technology (IT), Act, 2000 and status , both Class 3A and sophistication 3B Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are issued as Class 3A individual Signing Certificate and sophistication 3B Organisation Combo Digital Signature Certificate.

• Proprietorship, Partnership Companies, Private Limited / Corporate, NGOs / Trust, LLP, Government Departments can buy Class 3 Organization User DSC on behalf of their employees or members of management by authorizing them to participate within the e-tender.

Benefits of sophistication 3 digital signature

• Online transactions occur every single minute during a day. Industries and associations sell an outsized portion of their goods via electronic mediums. it’s necessary for companies and organizations that participate or wish to participate in e-tendering processes to possess a digital signature certificate.
• By using the category 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), which is very secured, your identity can’t be misused, while communicating online.
• No one can breach the info stored within the DSC unless the password of the USB token driver is stolen.
• Users who wish to use for a trademark, or a patent, also can have a category 3A Digital Signature Certificate.
• To validate the ownership of a website name and to line up protected SSL encrypted sessions between website users and therefore the rear configuration, to make sure smooth web-based transactions on an internet site .
• A safe online transaction provides peace of mind and increases the efficiency of team leaders who turn their full attention to organizational development instead of worrying about the safety of their online transactions.

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