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Amazon Selling Consultants

Have you been selling for an extended time? does one want to face an opportunity at increasing your sales in your area? If so, then launching a web store might be the solution . the web shopping landscape isn’t easy, but we will assist you out. Here are some good reasons why you ought to register with us.

• many competition between online marketplaces
• Saturated product markets
• Buyers want more convenience

People prefer shopping online because it’s convenient, simple, and really fast and there are many choices available. Selling online can cause tons of excellent things. You get more customers by expanding sales outside of your brick-and-mortar store. you’ll even improve how your product is presented.


Those are the benefits for the customer . But did you recognize that a seller can benefit an equivalent way? you’ll anticipate to certain plus points once you register as a seller on Amazon. If you’ve got items ready for purchase, now’s perhaps the simplest time to sell it online. Before that, you’ve got another big decision to form – choosing an eCommerce marketplace or building your own store.

Login and Phone Verification

• Click on the button that says ‘Start Selling’.
• Next you’ve got to login using your existing Amazon account. If not, then you want to create a replacement account.
• After logging in, verify your telephone number with the provided OTP.

Seller and Business Information

• Next is that the Seller Information page where you tell us about your store name, choose your primary product category and enter in an address.
• After clicking on ‘Submit’ you’ll tend more options to receive WhatsApp notifications, a verification stating that your pin code is eligible for Amazon Easy ship facility.
• Both are optional and you’ll enter in an alternate address at now .

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