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Are you within the marketplace for some extra help together with your Amazon marketplace account? Over the past year ‘Amazon consultants’ are shooting up out of nowhere. While some have the expertise and an actual business model, others leave their clients hanging. Before you invest your hard-earned money into hiring a consulting agency, educate yourself on what to expect to make sure you’re getting a top Amazon consultant. Our goal is to supply our expert opinions and techniques to assist you sell more on Amazon. The Amazon marketplace is competitive and you would like experts on your side that have successfully ranked products to top positions on Amazon. we’ve addressed countless products and may offer many Amazon consulting services to you including; New Product Launches, Amazon program Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Amazon Ranking and Email Follow-up Sequences. We’ve launched over 900 products to Page 1 since the inception of our company and this number has been continuing to grow at an exponential rate. We are so dedicated to your success and prosperity we’ll offer you exclusivity for your keyword. this suggests if another competitor involves us, we’ll not take their business and specialist in ensuring you solely dominate your niche.


Why Leeoweb Consulting

Our clients receive comprehensive support on all topics regarding Amazon. We’re in constant communication with our clients via email, phone and web-conferencing. Leeoweb Consulting integrates services seamlessly into our clients’ business by working hand in hand with their internal employees.

Whether you’re entering the marketplace or a veteran seller on Amazon, Leeoweb Consulting gets your seller account up to hurry fast. Clients are fully on-boarded, listed appropriately and advertising on Amazon.

We have worked with a good breadth of companies and sales models including Vendor Central and Seller Central (FBA/Merchant Fulfilled). We understand the pros and cons of those business models thoroughly. We help our clients accelerate in their current business model, pivot into a replacement one or operate hybrid models.

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